Praise for Finding Pegasus

"Terry Church has penned a fascinating tale of a woman and her horse blossoming into wholeness together. Along the way their journey reveals surprising insights about the power of patience, the wisdom of compassion, and the nature of genuine healing. The true-to-life details about the horse world-from a revered horse-whispering cowboy to elite equestrian competitions-are captivating, but it's the heroine's passion for personal transformation that truly carries the story. Who knew that animals had so much to teach us about ourselves?"
Frances Lefkowitz
Book Review Editor, Body+Soul magazine

"Terry Church does an excellent job of conveying the essence of Tom Dorrance as I experienced the man. Her book brings his gentle wisdom alive again in my mind and spirit. People seeking a balanced relationship between horse and rider will surely turn to this book to learn more about Tom's ways, and the underlying principles that guided him. In an era where fear and dominance is still the major paradigm, this is an energy well worth keeping alive in the world."
Jan Leitschuh
Columnist, Trail Less Traveled magazine

Author, The Ordinary Adventurer; A Primer for Baby Adventurers, and Other Musings on the Nature of Journey.

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