Natural Sporthorse. Terry Church, Dressage. Siri Larssen, Jumpers.

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Terry Church

Clinics throughout the United States.

Terry Church was "classically trained" through the FEI levels in the United States and Germany. She has over 30 years experience working with horses and riders at all levels of dressage as well as helping improve performance for eventers, hunter/jumper, endurance and western riders. Terry currently offers clinics in horsemanship and dressage for people of all ages and styles, integrating an approach gleaned through her work with Tom Dorrance. Along with publishing her book Finding Pegasus, she has plans for an equestrian-based, sustainably designed and operated experiential learning center where riders from all backgrounds and experience levels will be able to participate.

Siri Larssen

Based in Northern CA. Clinics throughout the United States.

Siri Larssen has 32 years of experience as a hunter/jumper competitor and a strong background preparing young horses for their future show careers. When working with horses and students she blends aspects of a traditional background with experience and knowledge gained from mentors Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Terry Church. Siri offers training for people who enjoy competing while staying mindful of their horse's true nature and expressive spirit. She is also available for clinics.

Denise Lesnik

Based in Elgin, IL. Clinics throughout the Midwest.

Denise Lesnik, owner of Inside-Out Horse Training, has an extensive background as an instructor and trainer in starting young horses, reschooling older horses, horsemanship, hunters and dressage. She works with all types of horses and riders, practicing what she preaches: "The horse can learn to become more respectful and to do the tasks that we ask, but the real challenge is for the human to learn to understand the horse. It is much more rewarding to have your horse do something because it wants to rather than because it was forced." Denise also hosts the Terry Church clinics in the Chicago area.

Julie Straka

Based in Mequon, WI. Clinics throughout the Midwest and Kentucky.

Julie Straka offers individualized training and education for both horse and rider. A skilled horsewomen with a background in dressage, jumping, colt-starting and cow-working, she emphasizes that it is not just about the goals we try to attain, but about the path that leads us there. This allows students to feel free to experiment, discover, and enjoy all aspects of learning without fear of judgment or failure. It also encourages students to develop skills with the confidence to problem-solve. Seeing horses as teachers, Julie is ever striving to learn more through observation and hands-on work as well as clinics with top horsemen and reading. She's also great at reschooling horses for resale, matching the right buyers witih sellers.

Cynthia Calmenson

Feldenkrais Practitioner ~ Based in Northern CA.

Cynthia Calmenson is a Feldenkrais practitioner who developed Body Learning for the Equestrian. She applies subtle and deep work to the issues common to many riders, which include tension, back and neck pain, body stiffness, and the emotional frustration that comes when trying too hard to implement trainers' instructions. She helps riders of any discipline, mounted and dismounted, become more effective with their aids by teaching them how to deepen their seat, coordinate and clarify their movements, and improve balance. By becoming aware of their own imbalances and movement patterns, riders will learn how to release tension and improve their own coordination skills to better influence the horse's performance. Her instruction combines hands-on work and verbally guided movement lessons. Cynthia also provides bodywork sessions for non-riders. Click on the picture to send an email, or call: (707) 623-0151 cell, or (707) 284-9220 Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa.