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Terry Church

Terry Church instructing student on horseback to walk over bridge Terry Church works with horses and riders in every discipline and at all levels of Dressage. She helps riders become aware of the kind of relationship needed to gain full responsiveness and cooperation with their horses without force, extra equipment or manipulative devices. Terry's approach to training utilizes her work with Tom Dorrance which is integrated into her classical Dressage background as she continually strives to attain "true unity" with her horses. This approach is carried over into her supportive and non-judgmental coaching of riders and horse owners to show how an individual's better understanding of themselves allows for a more successful communication with the horse.
Dressage competition

She offers lessons, training, and clinics in Dressage, Groundhandling, and Horsemanship. She also gives clinics in collaboration with Feldenkrais practioner Cynthia Calmenson, with hunter/jumper trainer Siri Larssen, and for Equinology, a company dedicated to providing quality academic and practical hands on courses of study in horse health science and care.

To read more about Terry's background and philosophy please read her article: Transition To Harmony

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Siri Larssen

Siri Larssen finds her clinics to be a good starting point for people to begin working through problems instead of around them. For many riders it is a challenge to recognize what is really going on with their horses and where to start in, particularly for those seeking a broader perspective in their training or for those who are not engaged in a regular lesson program.

Siri notes that, when in competition, people are often driven to abandon their connection with their horses in order to win or look a certain way. This can be very confusing to the horse, particularly in the new and oftentimes strange environment of the show grounds. Just when a horse may be most unsure of his environment, the rider expects the best performance from him. When the rider has lost his horse's attention he often feels compelled to coerce, force and/or drill to regain control. As an alternative to this scenario, Siri acknowledges the horse's perspective and begins to work from there, regardless of the surroundings. In this way she finds she has much greater success in reestablishing the horse's trust and a good working relationship that allows for better performance in the end.

Because the clinic format can be structured in many ways, it can be tailored to meet the learning requirements of any variety of participants. Siri says, "I enjoy working with horses and riders at all levels and like to suggest ongoing exercises to encourage progress. I place great emphasis on building trust and confidence between a horse and rider so that better communication can develop, a critical cornerstone to overcoming frustration and chronic problems. Oftentimes, a rider is caught up emotionally and unable to see the opportunity for a positive change. I love to see a horse's willingness reemerge when navigating through these important moments. The bridges that need to be crossed are not always easy to find, but they are there!"

This series of photographs represent an example of an approach taken with a five- year-old horse that arrived very worried about flapping blankets and sudden movements. The rider, Emma, trusted me when I told her how I had gotten her horse ready for her to work with in this situation. She did a great job letting him check things out at his own speed. This helped him work through his anxiety without becoming unnecessarily tense as a result of being pressured by us.

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Cynthia Calmenson

C. Calmenson gives grp bodywork sessionCynthia Calmenson is a Feldenkrais practitioner and developed Body Learning for the Equestrian. She applies this subtle and deep work to the issues common to riders in every discipline including tension, back and neck pain, body stiffness and frustrations with trying to implement trainers' instructions. She helps riders, mounted and dismounted, become more effective with their aids by teaching them how to deepen their seat, coordinate and clarify their movements, and improve balance. By becoming aware of their own imbalances and movement patterns riders will learn how to release tension and improve their own coordination skills to better influence the horse's performance. Her instruction combines hands-on work and verbally guided movement lessons. C. Calmenson gives prvt. session on horseback

Cynthia also provides bodywork sessions for non riders. She holds a variety of clinics both on her own and in conjunction with Terry Church where the focus is on establishing harmonious communication between horse and rider. To find out more about Cynthia's scheduled sessions, please call her at: (707) 284-9208, or email her at For more information about her work at the Integrative Medical Clinic please visit Cynthia's Website

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