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Learning occurs much more readily and easily when we enjoy the subject matter we are trying to learn, or when we enjoy doing an activity that simultaneously instructs us without us realizing it. This page contains links to informational sites of interest, a reading/DVD list, and a series of crossword puzzles that encourage you to think by having fun. As we think of more fun ways to pique your interest, we'll print them here. If you have an idea for educational games for horsemen, please write to Natural Sporthorse with your suggestions. Whatever kind of quality games we have time to add in, we will. In addition, if you have a favorite book, DVD, CD or book on tape you'd like us to share, please give us the name, a brief description, and the age group you feel it is appropriate for. They can be fiction as well as non-fiction as long as the subject matter has some educational, thought provoking or inspirational merit. Enjoy!

Educational Crossword Puzzles

THE CROOKED TRAIL: Horsemanship Basics

AT THE DRESSAGE SHOW: What You Might Find There


TOM DORRANCE: A Collection of Expressions

DRESSAGE and Related Terms

Reading List

DVD List

CD's and Books on Tape

Informational Links

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