Natural Sporthorse

The Hollister Dressage and Horsemanship clinics with Terry Church are hosted by the lovely Monkey Tail Ranch, named after the Monkey Tail Tree that towers over the front entrance. Each clinic offers in-house stabling for your horse and overnight accommodations for participants. Owned by Elise Lalor and Tim Houweling, the MTR is designed as a multi-use facility, hosting dressage and horsemanship clinics, service dog training for children on the autism spectrum, FEMA certified search and rescue dogs, and "Healing at the Barn," a program headed by Adelheid Ebenhoech, M.D. who is inspired by how well-suited horses are in helping humans understand more about the healing relationships. All programs use a mindful and relationship-based approach and bring many years of combined experience to their respective fields of interest.

Terry Church uniquely combines the often overlooked benefits of good horsemanship with classical dressage to help both enthusiast and serious competitor establish the kind of partnership that allows each horse to reach its potential while maintaining the ability to enjoy its work. She excels at establishing relaxed and trusting partnerships between horses and riders who are empowered to develop their own feel and think for themselves.

Depending on the goals of each horse/rider combination, ground work as well as work under saddle can be incorporated into each session. Colt starting is often a part of any given clinic, and horses with training issues and troubled histories are also welcome. Lessons can be private or combined with others and adjusted in length to suit the needs of each participant.

For more information on the Terry Church clinics, please see Terry's Clinic Schedule