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(See explanations and payment options below)

Yes, it's true. You can now receive a live lesson without the expense of flying Terry out for a clinic! There are some devices you will need to have in order to choose this option: high-speed internet access, a video camera that feeds into a computer, and a cable running from the computer into a loud speaker or sound system. It is also preferable to have someone manning the camera although it is possible to have the camera set up in a fixed position. While teaching from a distance doesn't quite take the place of being there in person, this comes pretty close! For more details and information on setting up this option, please contact Terry. For those who already have this capability, please scroll down to the "LIVE" lesson payment options below. Once you have made your selection, Terry will be automatically notified and will email you to arrange a time for your lesson.

Of course, there are still the phone and online video options you can continue to take advantage of:

OPTION A: Simple phone consultation: Please select a payment option below. Terry will be automatically notified and will email you to arrange a time for the consultation.

OPTION B: Phone and video consultation: Simply have a video taken of yourself (using a camera that can be attached to a computer via cable) working with or riding the horse you would like help with. One 5 - 10 minute video is adequate for a half hour conversation. Two 10 minute videos are adequate for an hour session (youtube has a 10-minute per video limit). You can film multiple videos if you'd like input on more than one horse. Your time period is yours to spend as you'd like.

Once you've taken the video, upload it onto your website, or at For youtube, just select the yellow "Upload" link on the top far right-hand corner and sign in or create an account. Follow directions from there. It's free! (You can also remove your video anytime thereafter if you prefer). Then, whenever you select a payment option on this page below, Terry will be automatically notified and will email you to arrange a time for the consultation and to receive the link to your video site. As you chat on the phone, you can both be watching the video at the same time and discussing what you're seeing. Students signed up at the Collaborative Clinic Forum may also want to post the link to their video and write a brief summary of their lesson so that everyone can learn.

Sessions for phone/video options are $50 per half hour, or $90 per hour. To get started, select the hour or half hour option below.

Phone/Video Consultation

LIVE Lessons Online options are $65 per half hour, $90 for 45 minutes, and $110 per hour. To get started, select the hour, 45 minute or half hour option below.

LIVE Lesson Online

PayPal accepts checks as well. If you're looking for a different payment option, previous students (only) may email Terry.

FREE TIPS! Don't forget all the articles already posted on this web site! You may think you've gotten all you can from reading them once, but if you read them again, you'll probably glean something you hadn't before. Just select the following links or the Article or Educational leaves on the left-hand side of this page. Three new articles on the dressage levels have been added for 2010!

In addition, anyone may now check out our Collaborative Clinic online forum. Terry adds periodic posts and updates along with other friendly and thought-provoking insights from like-minded clinic goers. You can also upload pictures and videos for supportive feedback from other experienced horsemen and women. Free group Skype sessions will be added sometime in the future. If you wish to register, please use your first name as your username. In this way the forum is less "anonymous," but your privacy is still protected. This forum cannot be viewed by random web-surfers or those who are not registered.

Thank You!

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