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Remembering Tom Dorrance

Nearly every horseman now benefiting from the trend of what is often termed "natural horsemanship," owes thanks, directly or indirectly, to Tom Dorrance. Through his work of helping people understand the true nature of the horse, many have come to better understand themselves - and the world around them.

Tom on swivel stoolTom Dorrance

Tom's book, True Unity, Willing Communication Between Horse and Human, was first published in 1987, and talks about Tom's perspective of people and their horses. It also includes notes from the editor and feedback from some of Tom's students to help create a context within which the reader can better understand the concepts presented in the book. The CD is a beautiful audio of the book and greatly helps the listener grasp the meaning of Tom's words. Incidentally, the CD is great listening for anyone, including those who have no particular interest in horses. Tom's wisdom and insights come through for people from all walks of life.

Greetings and Feel, Timing, and Balance come in both Video and DVD format, showing Tom in action at many of his clinics throughout the United States.

In 2012, Margaret Dorrance published Tom Dorrance, More Than a Horseman with John Saint Ryan. More Than a Horseman is a fascinating compilation of stories written by Tom's students about their experiences with Tom, sometimes spanning many years. Moving and humorous, the book gives fresh insight from those who had the privilege of being around the master.

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Tom's DVDTom's videoTom, Ray Hunt and Bill Dorrance on horsebackTom's bookTom's CD

For those wishing to better understand Tom's book and his way of helping people and their horses, the newly published novel, Finding Pegasus, is a real-life description of the man and his work through the eyes of one woman struggling to understand what is missing in her life. Typical of most people, she finds it difficult to grasp what Tom is trying to help her learn. Yet she is drawn to his ability to make a horse do anything he wants without it seeming like he did anything to make it happen, all the while exuding kindness and an aura of contentment. To learn more, CLICK HERE

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