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DRESSAGE and related TERMS

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Helpful Tips!
for the unseasoned puzzler:

~All words to this puzzle are ones you know, but most of them will probably not be obvious to you from the clues given. For many of us that is a recipe for frustration. If that becomes true for you, treat this puzzle like you would a horse you're trying to figure out. Start with what you know. Those answers will give you clues to more answers you thought you didn't know. Sometimes you won't be able to imagine what it is you're supposed to come up with, but if you just stick with it (not necessarily all in one sitting) something will occur to you. Try it. If it turns out not to be the right answer, try something else. Tom used to say, "In my life I've tried quite a few things. Once in a while, I'd find something that worked." He was still saying that at 93.

~There is no hurry to finish this puzzle. If you get stuck, leave it and come back another time. You might be surprised at what else occurs to you when you see with new eyes.

~The answer will only be obvious after you've figured it out.

~The answers are purposefully not shown on this page. That's to make the answers something to reach for, to think for. All of the answers are in your everyday language, but if you must peek, several of the answers can also be found in the book, True Unity, by Tom Dorrance, the USDF Directory, and/or in the USEF Rule Book. Yes, merely more "puzzles" you'll need to go through to get to the answers you thought you wanted. The good news is that by following up on the resource links, you might find the answers to some other questions you had. ;)

~PLEASE NOTE: When you leave this page, any answers you typed in the puzzle will not be saved! Printable Version

"You are the starting point. You are the destination. Enjoy the journey." ~Bruce Smith


1. Straightness on a circle, for example
8. Purity of gait, evenness of length of steps, and levelness of the height of steps
13. Beats per minute (abbr.)
14. Cir. at the second secondary letter on the wall of a full sized dressage court
15. Cir. at the entry
16. An end to meth or the gas that's generated in a manure pile
17. Dressage scale
22. You or your horse's image and likeness
23. Pace
25. A horse's gait made active
30. A short diag., a place where riders might go after a bad fall, or your response to this question
31. Allows the horse freedom or aids an unwanted pattern
33. What your horse did to his head in response to a tight rein
34. What you do at the entry to the show court after a dressage test
35. Greener pastures
40. Name for a dressage book or article
42. What all sincere horsemen strive to dig beneath

DRESSAGE and related TERMS


1. A horse that's hollow under saddle
2. Outdated medium for playing music for a Freestyle
3. Forward movement generated by thrust + engagement and characterized by suspension
4. Result of human wheels not turning
5. One of the better health plans for self-empl. trainers
6. The sound inside your head when you're not listening to your horse
7. A bit
8. They support the roof of a covered or indoor arena
9. A _________ (first command of every dressage test)
10. Center of an oat, for one
11. Across the arena and back half way
12. What a horse does on the rein when he wants more room
18. A 4-leggeds 2-legged companion, sometimes
19. Top of the trail?
20. The only way to ride a dressage test with your horse
21. A leg-yield not executed
24. Good qualities in you and in your horse

44. Love of self, or a horse's love for the bit
48. A lengthening with engagement, 3rd Lev. or above
49. Breakfast for some; for others, a term of endearment for their horse's rear
50. Some shoers pave their horse’s feet with it
51. Path for a leg-yield from centerline, or the beginning of a question
52. To do so is not the end of the world
54. The goal you're after
55. Traveling clinician
59. Get a clue
61. Your chances for a good partnership with your horse
62. What a horse cannot do
63. Cir. at the middle of any dressage court
64. What a horse cannot do (abbr.)
66. A short diag. not asked for in any test
67. Result of being non-communicative with your horse
70. What is true for you, archaically contracted
71. Stop your horse
73. You and your horse, ideally
74. Goes underneath stall bedding
75. Its size, in meters, is asked for first in First Level
76. Long sides x short sides
80. Three-day eventing, in brief
81. What we do to our living to support our horses
82. Both sides of a horse, in brief
83. 3/4 diag.
84. USDF, USEF, USCTA, or USET, for example
85. A stallion, when looking at a mare
87. Registered Appy pony
89. A process of learning
91. Most of a centerline in a full-sized dressage court
93. Astride
94. The answer you often get from Tom Dorrance, or the clues to this puzzle ;)
95. An emotion inspired by many a horse's moves
96. Pinned her ears at
99. Field of horses or cows, e.g.
100. 55 % on a dressage test (abbr.)
102. Area where you might see mounted riot police
103. The only one who learns for you
104. What a horse does with its stride or its body when it stretches
106. A straight, 12 m line on the long side
107. Rule person required on the show grounds
108. Mounted game
109. Sharpen your riding skills, for example
110. Blue ribbon

26. Is the walk a three-beat gait?
27. Your horse, or you when you're in the now
28. Every moment can provide you with one
29. Where your horse makes you reach
32. Where you perform most transitions at a show
36. Person who writes comments for the judge
37. Referring to a male horse
38. The side some people mount and dismount from (abbr.)
39. A side of you, a horse, or a circle
41. One section of the centerline
43. What you should listen to inside you or your horse
45. A circle ridden "straight"
46. Refer to the last movement of 2nd level, Test I
47 Short diag.
53. Very short diag.
56. On deck
57. The end of your show list, perhaps
58. The age Tom Dorrance lived to be
65. A nice way to warm up and cool down a horse, as well as stretch tension out of the back
66. The horse's posture and balance, back to front
68. It's a laugh, not a command to stop your horse
69. Enter the dressage court
71. Used to set the horse up with your body, not the hands
72. Isn't there in time
77. What you might do if a horse drags you on your feet
78. What the horse is when it reaches farther under the belly with its hind feet so that it creates upward thrust, or carrying power
79. A bad idea for a dog at a horse show
86. Middle of a long side
88. Scribe-speak for a double circle at the middle of a long side
90. Country that's always tops in CT
92. Type of change
97. "Ride your horse forward ____ make it straight."
98. City light, rarely, if ever, seen around a stable
100. What the horse did with its hay
101. Straight line on part of a long side
105. Direction to ride, perhaps


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