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Helpful Tips!
for the unseasoned puzzler:

~All words to this puzzle are ones you know, but most of them will probably not be obvious to you from the clues given. For many of us that is a recipe for frustration. If that becomes true for you, treat this puzzle like you would a horse you're trying to figure out. Start with what you know. Those answers will give you clues to more answers you thought you didn't know. Sometimes you won't be able to imagine what it is you're supposed to come up with, but if you just stick with it (not necessarily all in one sitting) something will occur to you. Try it. If it turns out not to be the right answer, try something else. Tom used to say, "In my life I've tried quite a few things. Once in a while, I'd find something that worked." He was still saying that at 93.

~There is no hurry to finish this puzzle. If you get stuck, leave it and come back another time. You might be surprised at what else occurs to you when you see with new eyes.

~The answer will only be obvious after you've figured it out.

~The answers are purposefully not shown on this page. That's to make the answers something to reach for, to think for. All of the answers are in your everyday language, but if you must peek, several of the answers can also be found in the book, True Unity, by Tom Dorrance, the USDF Directory, and/or in the USEF Rule Book. Yes, merely more "puzzles" you'll need to go through to get to the answers you thought you wanted. The good news is that by following up on the resource links, you might find the answers to some other questions you had. ;)

~PLEASE NOTE: When you leave this page, any answers you typed in the puzzle will not be saved! Printable Version

"You are the starting point. You are the destination. Enjoy the journey." ~Bruce Smith


1. What Tom Dorrance called those who went for the quick fix
11. One view of things
14. A sys. horses (and people) are a part of
15. What the desert's like to ride in during July
16. Where good horsemanship comes from
17. A quality we feel when our horses are soft
20. A way to work a horse
22. Body of eau to cross on a Cheval
23. Airline traveling clinicians might use (abbr.)
24. Cowboy slang for aged?
26. Text msg. to you who ride w/ stress
28. With 103 across, one of Tom's one-liners
35. A way we're sometimes taught, for short
36. Tom's way of describing a horse's good rapport with a person
37. Half a short diag. in a long dressage court
38. With 40 across, Tom's time, e.g.
39. Head of an equest. center, perhaps
40. See 38 Across



1. A horse's first instinct
2. Coll. in So. Cal that has no animal sciences
3. Mustangs, to some
4. Redirect your horse, perhaps
5. Hole in leather for lacing, perhaps
6. Cowboy's nods, e.g.
7. State in USDFs region 8
8. How much horses would drink in a week in Europe, approx.
9. What fascia does to muscle
10. Wild west meeting place
11. Unresponsive horse
12. Retirement for a self-employed trainer, e.g.
13. Rote ability in horsemanship, perhaps
16. A belief about our horse, perhaps
18. "Be there before the thing you want to have ____ happens." Tom Dorrance
19. A horse who's leaning into the rider's hand has neither lightness ___ self-_______
21. Pass at a walk, trot or canter
25. What posting is
27. Too far back on the foot for a stirrup
29. Zebras to horses, e.g. (abbr.)
30. A way to describe suspension at the trot

41. Comes before lateral movement, perhaps?
42. Neither partner
43. Direction the judge sits at a dressage show
46. Dressage quarters?
48. A yielding of the rein, e.g., in sailor-speak?
51. People vets
53. The degree to which many competitive horsemen go to win
54. Roman protector-of-equines Goddess
55. Getting dressed for a show, perhaps?
57. Like a horse's paddock during the rainy season?
59. Not applicable (abbr.)
60. Result of a horse's discomfort with a bit
64. A horse's nays?
65. 6 on a dressage test
67. Horses, mules, donkeys, etc. (abbr.)
68. Hoof print
69. Direction to point your horse in
70. Who's responsible for my horse
71. "You can lead a horse to water..." e.g.
73. Cowboy's hesitation?
74. 10 m from the wall to the centerline, e.g.
75. Colic, for example
78. Brand, for short
79. What colic causes a horse to do
80. E or B in a dressage court
84. Pen for horses
86. "A fresh start" kind of day
87. What you might have given when your horse took a mile
88. 4 inches, on multiple horses (abbr.)
89. Castrated bovine
92. Mice in a grain room, perhaps
94. Our horse's good response to pressure
97. Country known for hardy TB's, for short
99. Horse's sass?
101. Horse's way to sleep
103. 64A, to a scottish horse, perhaps
104. Second half of 28A
109. Start of a horse's leg or head
110. Cowboy's assent, maybe
111. Really soft used leather

31. Art of horsemanship, among other things
32. A completed arc, in scribe-speak
33. Either partner
34. Tom's description of the world
41. What caring folk try to do with animal cruelty
44. Not having this from our horse can drive us to distraction (abbr.)
45. Some items in Tom's book of mind teasers
47. Sound effect for falling off your horse?
49. Tom's way in the world
50. Level of communication, hopefully
52. Symbol for a tin of horse cookies, maybe
56. What your horse does when you "bring up the life," hopefully
58. A way to get longitudinal suppleness
61. For each horse, e.g.
62. State in USDF's region 5
63. Ideal we look for between us & our horses
66. 6, 8, or 10 meter circle
72. What a horse might initially do to pressure
74. A narrow inlet to cross on the trail, maybe
76. They often come with the highs
77. The "third factor"
79. Bad guy in a barn fire
81. Circle at I, in scribe-speak
82. Short for "hollow backed"
83. Common disease of the hoof
85. A horse's ideal intake of water, e.g. (abbr.)
90. Cheval's head
91. Lower lev. dressage, e.g.
93. Holds on a shoe
95. What a horse does after a jump
96. State in USDF's region 1
97. The right side of a horse, to some mounters
98. A hectic barn, perhaps?
100. What you'll never have to do to get the truth out of a horse
102. Herd of sea horses
105. What you might cross on a Rail Trail, e.g.
106. Middle of a short side and a long side
107. Cowboy's negative?
108. Abbrev. for one billionth of a sec.


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